Fitness by Pamela, Inc.

your source for in home personal training

No More Excuses!!

Fitness by Pamela is an in home personal training company. Are you too busy for the gym? Do you find gym memberships too expensive? Do you feel awkward working out in a gym setting? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, in home perosnal training is your answer. Workout in the privacy of your own home. Set up a time that best fits your schedule. I bring all the equipment you need for a great workout. I customize each fitness program to meet the individual clients needs. Each workout includes elements of flexibility, balance, core training, cardiovascular fitness and resistance training.

Pamela is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Specialist in Cardiorespiratory Training for Fitness, Specialist in Optimum Performance Training for Weight Management. 

My training philosophy is simple. We are a team. I am your coach, your support system and your guide on this amazing lifestyle changing journey. I will help you achieve your goals.  I believe this is a three step process: The physical portion, the nutritional portion and the mental portion. Start and commit to an exercise program. Eat a healthy diet and stay within your caloric range, and be mentally prepared for the journey ahead. 

Let's start today.